Tom Clancy - Legend

Tom Clancy; Guy's Guy; April 12, 1947 – October 1, 2013

They don't give literature prizes to writers like Tom Clancy. They should. 

His just announced passing, in a Baltimore hospital, will leave a gap in every commuter's briefcase and every Dad-on-holiday's Kindle. It's a guy thing.............. half an hours simple escapisim from the world's noise. Don't try and understand it, just accept it; the same way we did with Bridget Jones.

Obviously, without the potential intervention of Jack Ryan, Washington will now be thrown into a whole new world of vexed confusion about Syria and the Russians. Don't laugh, the intersection of fact and fiction can be a curious thing.

Many years ago, I took the then FMF, (Future Mrs Flashbang), to see Patriot Games in the Fulham Road ABC cinema. The movie, starring Harrison Ford as the fictional Tom Clancy character Jack Ryan, burst into action from the start with an attempt by the provisionals to abduct the Prince of Wales. 

The then FMF and I popped in on a midweek afternoon when the cinema was fairly quiet. Just after the lights went down though, two men came in and stood by the exit while another escorted a young lady in who sat in front of us, on her own, for the performance. That's the closest I've ever been to Princess Diana. Bit sad really.

Perhaps it's time to step forward, fill the gap and write the real story about our brave boys from Plockton.............