Uber; Actually, Pretty Good

Actually, that's not me and that DEFINITELY isn't Mrs flashbang

I’m a bit of a stick-in-the-mud die hard traditionalist and deeply resistant to change. I’ve been following the development of Uber over the past 12 months but hadn’t used it until last evening. I had been at a book launch just south of Kings Cross, it was raining and I couldn’t find a cab. It took a few minutes to download the Uber app and electronically hail one having first done a fare check.

The email told me Hocine was three minutes away in his E Class. I could see that on the map and tracked him as he zeroed in on me. 13 mins later I jumped out at Waterloo, no money changed hands, just the email receipt above which is roughly the same as a Black Cab charge for the journey. I rated the driver with his 5 stars and he rated me. Job done. Friends tell me one irritating flaw is the “price surge,” when prices increase with demand but given fares can be checked before ordering I can live with that.

Now, much as I love Cabbies, and I’ve used them all my adult life, they are going to have to seriously up their game or they will be extinct. They can start by turning off their radio’s which constantly blare out inane LBC football talk shows; I don’t care if Arsenals centre forward is Polish or Peruvian, “know what I mean cause I told him, told him John…” Incidentally, should you register using this promotional code, 44zvl Uber tell me you will receive £10 off your first ride.