Unlimbited; Simply Awesome Top Blokes

Drew Murray and Steve Davies; two top blokes doing good things.

There are times when the world may seem to be a joyless place. The last few weeks especially so with weather, geological and geopolitical chaos spreading misery across many parts of the world. We don’t though, have to look so very far to see the light of goodness and joy.

I found it in all places, in one of my favourite television programmes, ‘Shed of the Year.’ Who knew that was a thing? Well it is and very entertaining watching it is too. While watching one episode I was completely bowled over when the cameras took us into one wee small shed in Swansea in which, two guys, Drew Murray and Steve Davies  design and manufacture with 3-D printing to order, prosthetic hands and arms for whoever asks for one. Drew originally designed a limb for Steve who then decided to volunteer. Steve is a man who understands the difficulties facing the children he helps. He described in the programme one of the first prosthetic arms he was given as ‘something out of a medieval torture chamber.’ He said his grim experiences when a youngster with prosthetics were his inspiration ‘to make things better.’ The guys design and make the limbs in any colour and design at the childs request. The price to create one of his specially designed arms is about £30, far cheaper than sphisticated bionic limbs which can cost north of £50k. Given the rate at which children grow they are simply not tenable for most family situations. The charity, Unlimbited, doesn’t charge children for their services and they share their designs online so people all over the world can benefit.

Drew and Steve? Simply top blokes doing an awesome job. They certainly cheered me up watching them... well, made me cry first but who wouldn't get emotional?