He just Kept Going.

So, I've spent two days assembling these things. What do I do now........... polish them?

We woke this morning to say farewell to another piece of worn but much appreciated national furniture with the news of the passing of Ireland's best export, Terry Wogan. The BBC has already gone into full Diana mode but not quite to the extent they did with David Bowie who got a full 20 mins on the main news. There I was thinking he was a pop singer who liked to dress up and wear make up but no, it transpires he was responsible for the transformation of the nations way of life from post war grey to colourful Cool Britannia. Seriously? Also carried off where Alan Rickman, Ed Stewart, the Bull Market and last but not least, I lost a stone in weight.

The Dry January thing isn't a new thing for me, I've done it every year for longer than I care to remember. I hit the track sprinting this year though and had a good alcohol, dairy, red meat and sugar free month. Let's face it, after Christmas and New Year, (in fact after 2015), it needed to happen. Losing weight isn't fun and it isn't easy. We all kid ourselves thinking, 'well, I could give this, that and the other up if I really wanted to.' Hmmmm....... There is only one way to lose weight, eat less. Exercise helps in kick starting the metabolism but the bottom line is, if the calorie intake isn't slashed you won't lose weight. The multi billion pound diet industry is full of puff and nonsense too. 'Yes, you can have chocolate, a glass of wine and a little treat if you follow our diet.' No you bloody well can't. You need two things to succeed; self discipline and bloody mindedness. Bin all the frippery, diet plans and the 'yes, you can have a wonderful good looking and tasting meal with our recipes,' magazines, programmes and blogs. If you are overweight its pretty simple. To lose the lard, go spartan. 1300 calories / day and get to know porridge, blueberries, green tea and pomelo fruit really well. Bob's Beige Diet is a good start. Like I say, not easy. If I eat any more fish and drink any more water I'll grow a set of gills but its the only track on the map. Fasting for the odd day helps and as the stomach shrinks, it definitely takes less to fill up the tank. 

At the end of the month, one thing has struck me and in fact, hit me quite hard. I was thinking of the last time I had three months off the booze and I'm embarrassed to say it is so long ago the number of years has a 2 in front of it. Usually, the dry January thing runs straight into the Six Nations and all the good work is undone, usually in the first weekend. Enough, I have to get over it and get through the rugby in 'good boy' mode. So, bollocks to it. I'm ploughing on and doing February too. I'm the Forrest Gump of Dry January................... 'he just kept going.'