What If?


The weather today has had a distinctly autumnal rather than spring like feel. Where then is this global warming of which the clever people have lectured us for so long? Actually, they mostly got it wrong so now they speak of ‘climate change,’ which suggests to me they will claim any non-standard event as their domain thereby justifying their self-created industry of research grants, conferences, quango and NGO appointments. Along the way they have scared the bejesus out of a generation of school children and made millions while making millions feel guilty in going about their normal daily lives. Step out of line and criticise them and you are treated like a cross between a medieval heretic and a Brexit voter. Well they can mostly bugger off. I have never swallowed their conceited tripe and I’m not going to start now.

It just may be that changes in climate are simply part of normalised cyclical changes in weather patterns. The problem is, those cycles are many hundreds of years long and are far too gradual to impart the kind of hysteria required to generate huge global misdirection of government funding through political pressure. What though, if these changes point to colder rather than warmer temperatures. The ‘why?’ matters less than the ‘what if?’


Some scientists are suggesting that the circulation system of the North Atlantic is in its most weakened state seen for 1600 years. If you need something to worry about do read the article. My takeaway is that we have been force fed a diet for the last 20 years of made up scare stories, half-truths and misdirection promulgated by a collection of research grant hungry academics and gullible politicians preying on the natural anxieties of the populace to protect their children. It has though presented governments with a useful excuse to raise additional taxes. There may be some substance to some of the climate propaganda but I can’t help thinking we may all be looking in the wrong direction when we discover the real Inconvenient Truth – that we may have to worry a lot more in the Northern Hemisphere about cooling rather than warming. Why though interfere with our traditions established over centuries of being pathetically unprepared when a bad thing happens.

Parts of America have just experienced the coldest April for 140 years. Indeed, parts of Northern Florida saw snow for the first time since 1899. I suspect that in the next few years the media will start to talk much more about Sun spot activity and its impact on our climate rather than CO2, (about which there is no hard evidence to prove it causes climate change). Few however will sit up and take notice until they see agricultural commodity prices rise in inverse correlation to the prices of farms in more northerly latitudes and for that matter, house prices. That though, will be many years in the future. Nonetheless, I would not be averse to maintaining a healthy stock of tinned food and extra fuel at home next winter; you never know. Wouldn’t it be a tad ironic of population migration did a 180 degree turn and northern Europeans started heading south?