What Not To Love About Gaucho?

Warning! be careful with these blighters......

Warning! be careful with these blighters......

Now, in the first of what is about to be a regular feature of roving restaurant and pub reviews, (that’ll be mostly pubs with the odd restaurant), we’re going to break new ground. I’m fed up with all the Whinging Wendies on Tripadvisor and the like so I’ll do it myself and find something nice to say about everywhere I go. This shouldn’t of course be difficult given no proprietor sets out to give his guests a bad time, that would just be insane, so let’s accentuate the positive starting with Gaucho in Richmond.

Now Gaucho in Richmond is a wee bit off my beaten track but a family birthday celebration necessitated the trek down there. I totally misjudged my timings though and I arrived at the pretty riverside location a full 70 mins early, having found the over ground from Waterloo a pretty swift 16min journey. What then to do?

Fortunately, help was at hand at the bar where I decided to get into the South American spirit of the thing and ordered a Mojito. Warning! Be bloody careful with these blighters for they go down rather more swiftly than might be considered wise on a Monday evening. In fact, so refreshing was the first that I had a couple more. That, and the fact that the restaurant appears to have more helpful and pretty waitresses per square metre than most set the evening square and good. The rest of the evening is something of a blur but the food was apparently good; Mrs Flashbang said so.

There you are then, if peckish or thirsty in Richmond, wheel down to Gaucho, do the whole “Our Man In Buenos Aires thing,” and the Mojito’s, the waitresses or the food will put a smile on your face. What not to love?