What Would Barnes Have Done?

The Man Himself; Barnes Wallis

As an inveterate collector of my own unpublished Letters to the Telegraph, (only the odd one slips through the Editor's net), I do admire those few that both make the grade, inform or indeed entertain.


In the category of "I wish I'd written that," step forward Mr Ken Pounds of Leicester who articulates exactly what all but Westminster think and know; that HS2 is nothing more than a political vanity project dreamt up either by cynics to distract us from real and present issues, or by fools who believe they have dreamt it up but at the implicit direction of the cynics.

We all know, as another correspondent, a Mr Mark Westaby, points out, that investment in high speed broadband is what the country desperately needs to liberate individuals and businesses. Investing in the future by being slaves to the past exhibits not just a paucity of ambition and imagination but an absolute dislocation between Westminster and the needs of the electorate and the economy...... again. At Crumble Towers in Liphook I could teach any one of my Labradors lambda calculus more quickly than I can download a large file, (thanks for nothing BT).

Back to Mr Pounds, his letter and the lingering thought......... what would Barnes Wallis have come up? Cometh the hour........perhaps Professor Pounds is the man.