Why We're Leaving Europe

A Choir Called Dave

A Choir Called Dave

William Hague threw his hat in the ring today supporting retention of our membership of the EU. As the referendum debate warms up over the holiday, before getting into full swing in 2016, I hate to disappoint Mr Hague and his fellow EU enthusiasts but he, and they, are wrong. Here's why.

I had the deep joy of popping over to South Harting the other day to listen to Mrs Flashbang and her chums in 'A Choir Called Dave,' for their Christmas concert. I sat next to an old boy and this is how the conversation went,

'Are you from the village?'

'No,' I said, 'I'm from just outside Compton, (two miles away),'

'Oh,' he said, 'It's different over the hill.'

It's a lot more different in France mate I thought. Hague and Co have their hands full if they think this lot are going to sit down and quietly give an inch after being taken for a mile for the last thirty five years.